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Solution camp at AAU CPH - A more sustainable and green campus

Solution camp at AAU CPH - A more sustainable and green campus

For all students at AAU CPH


19.09.2019 kl. 09.00 - 16.00


Is sustainability important to you? Do you think the campus could be a bit more to the green side? Are you willing to get engaged in making AAU more sustainable? Maybe you have even talked to your fellow students about it and maybe you have loads of ideas on how to turn AAU CPH more eco-friendly?


So do we! So Shared Services CPH invites all students to a Sustainability Solution Camp on the 19th of September from 9 to 16. Let’s take our own PBL medicine and make the AAU CPH campus a case for green innovation!


The Solution Camp could be a chance for you to expand your network at AAU CPH and learn how the university is already working on improving the campus environment in multiple ways. In a more social context, this might be a great opportunity to meet people from other programmes and might challenge your ideas about how to deal with sustainability, eco systems and green environment.


Please bring a fellow student – or even your entire project group. The Solution Camp could be the stepping stone for your current semester project or thesis. Why not?


If the above sounds interesting and your calendar accepts this priority, please sign up here.



The Solution Camp is an all-day event being facilitated by staff from AAU Innovation who are experienced in planning these processes forward in accommodation of the group of people signing up. So it is important that you attend if you do sign up.


Lunch and refreshments are included.



Please contact Mikkel Dahlbæk Sigurdsson


Shared Services CPH and AAU Innovation


Conference hall, Bygning A, AAU CPH


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